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Five-year Construction Program gets approved
Projects to improve Arizona’s highway system through expansion, preservation and modernization were formally approved to move forward.
Highway crews rely on training and experience to deal with extreme heat
We probably don’t need to tell you this, but it is really, really hot out there … A lot of us are lucky to work indoors during the warmest parts of the day (thank goodness for air-conditioning!), but here at ADOT many employees are stationed outside to work.
Engineers Week celebrates the people and projects that keep Arizona moving
Engineers are kind of a big deal here at ADOT.
Driving Safety Home: Messages on overhead signs are all about safety
Messages on ADOT electronic message boards may be fun but they're always focused on safety.
Loop 303 closure scheduled this weekend as project reaches a major milestone
Those of you who drive Loop 303 in the Surprise area are in for a big switch. Starting next week you’ll be traveling on the newly-constructed northbound side of the freeway between Peoria Avenue and Mountain View Boulevard.
Transportation Defined: Guardrails
Guardrails. You see them all the time, right? But, how often do you really think about the important job they’re performing?
Here's what ADOT guardrails do and why they're so important
With crews are busy repairing a half mile of I-17 guardrail that burned in a wildfire near Cordes Junction, here's what guardrails are and why they're so important.'s-what-adot-guardrails-do-and-why-they're-so-important
Transportation Planning, part II
Last week we gave a brief overview of how ADOT plans for future transportation needs through a three-phased approach. We covered the Visioning phase (if money was no object, how would we plan for Arizona’s transportation future) and the Planning phase (given that resources are limited, how should we prioritize the needs identified in the Vision).
Give us your feedback on the Passenger Rail Corridor Study
ADOT, in partnership with the Federal Railroad Administration, has released the Draft Tier 1 Environmental Impact Statement for ADOT’s Passenger Rail Corridor Study: Tucson to Phoenix.
Don't dally after a minor crash. It's the law.
If you are in the fender bender, the most crucial thing to remember is simple: Move over. Get out of the travel lanes. You don’t have to preserve the scene of non-injury crash.'t-dally-after-a-minor-crash.-it's-the-law
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