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As widening project advances near Eloy, westbound I-10 moves to new lanes
The shift comes almost a year to the day since we began clearing and grubbing to make room for a new, wider stretch of I-10, with three lanes in each direction.
On Phoenix-area freeways, 2016 accomplishments and more improvements in 2017
Before we talk about Phoenix-area projects coming this year, let's look in the rearview mirror at 2016 accomplishments.
Tentative Construction Program is ready for public comment
We want your feedback on the Tentative Five-Year Construction Program, a plan that helps ADOT to prioritize projects.
The Science of Transportation: Sieve Analysis
You might think that highway construction is all about big machinery, heavy-duty vehicles, massive structures and materials by the ton – but it’s not.
Crossing the gore area is not allowed
If it’s been a while since you studied up on the Arizona driver license manual, you might not recall that it is against the law to drive through a gore area ... or that it's three points against your license if you violate this traffic rule.
Boulders on a highway? For US 89A repairs, ADOT called Boulder Busters
Learn how ADOT used an explosive device the size of a shotgun shell to reopen 24 miles of US 89A after a widespread flash flood.
From the Director: ADOT making progress on Interstate 11
For example, we're investing another $155 million for improvements to US 93 over the next five years.
From the Director: ADOT keeps economy moving in 2017
This year ADOT will continue to make improvements in our state transportation system to ensure we keeps Arizona’s economy moving.
From the Director: Too many crashes are occurring in work zones
During Work Zone Awareness Week, we are doing our best again to engage the public about how to stay safe in work zones.
Public comment period begins this week for ADOT's passenger rail study
As ADOT continues to study the feasibility of a passenger rail line between Phoenix and Tucson, the agency is looking to the public to provide input on the three alternatives that have been selected for further study.'s-passenger-rail-study
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