Wildlife Crossing

State Route 77 (Oracle Road)
The State Route 77 (Oracle Road) project west of Mt. Lemmon not only adds travel lanes for drivers but has something for bicyclists and wildlife.
Deer Crossing - yellow warning sign with deer silhouette
ADOT has received a new accolade for its leadership in developing wildlife crossing structures in Arizona.
Wildlife underpass
We’ve got an interesting time-lapse video to share with you today that shows the installation of a wildlife underpass on SR 86.
Display of photos stacked vertically, and offset ninety degrees, showcasing ADOT's recent efforts.
Transportation planners and engineers have a lot to consider when designing or improving a roadway in Arizona. It’s not just about getting people from one place to the next – safety, planning priorities, community concerns, fiscal constraints all get taken into account (along with so many other factors).
wildlife using road crossing
We just got some really exciting news about the US 93 project (you remember, it’s the one that improved about 15 miles of roadway south of the Hoover Dam – we wrote about it here and here…
Big Horn Sheep
Over the past several years, ADOT has worked to transform the highly traveled US 93 between Wickenburg to the Hoover Dam from a two-lane highway to an environmentally friendly four-lane, divided highway. A project of this scale will always present its share of issues, but widening the final section – from Kingman to the Mike O’Callaghan - Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge – provided ADOT with an especially unique challenge …
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