Arizona Travel ID FAQ

The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) will be updated as more information becomes available.

Am I required to obtain a Travel ID?

No, but to use your Arizona driver license or identification to board an aircraft or to enter restricted federal buildings and military bases, a Travel ID will be required effective October 2021.

How much longer can I use my non-travel Arizona driver license or identification card to board an aircraft or to enter restricted federal buildings and military bases?

Effective October 2021 a Travel ID will be required.

Will I have to go to an MVD office or an Authorized Third Party in order to get a Travel ID?

Yes. You’ll find details under How to obtain a Travel ID.

How much will a Travel ID cost?

The cost of a Travel ID is $25 (initial application and renewal).

Will the Travel ID contain a radio frequency identification (RFID) chip?

No, state law prohibits the Travel ID from containing a RFID chip.

How long will my Travel ID be valid?

In most cases the Travel ID is valid for eight years. Exceptions apply, including for drivers age 65 or older whose licenses are currently valid for five years. That five year limit also applies to the Travel ID. For non-U.S. citizens who have authorized legal presence the expiration date will be based off the immigration documents presented, not to exceed eight years.

What documents do I need to apply for a Travel ID?

You will need one document to establish birth or legal presence; one document to verify your Social Security number; and two documents to establish residency in Arizona. Arizona Travel ID Identification Requirements, 40-5144