Networking Events

ADOT’s DBE Supportive Services Program — ADOT’s DBE supportive services program hosts many networking events, project specific, business-to-business match making events and business Expos that provide opportunities for DBEs and SBCs to meet and form relationships with prime consultants and contractors. For a schedule of upcoming events, see the BECO section of the ADOT website. You can also contact the supportive services program [email protected], phone: 602.712.7761 and ask to be added to their email list so that you’ll be notified about upcoming events. 

ADOT DBE Task Forces

ADOT’s DBE Task Forces are groups comprised of DBEs, prime consultants and contractors, ADOT staff, and other industry leaders. Task Forces meet regularly to receive project briefings, to learn about what's happening in the DBE program and construction industry, and to work on finding solutions to issues facing DBEs and other small businesses. Visit the DBE Task Forces section of the ADOT website for more information.

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