Fast Facts from ADOT

Public Motor Vehicle Services

Driver licenses in Arizona

Arizona drivers and licenses
  FY2021 FY2022 FY2023
Drivers licensed by ADOT MVD *5,873,322 5,850,390 5,850,511
Travel IDs 1,385,708 1,726,258 2,041,678
Commercial driver licenses 114,250 119,293 121,901

* Driver licenses number previously included identification cards. Recent updates exclude these counts.

Vehicles Registered in Arizona

Arizona drivers and licenses
  FY21 FY22 FY23
vehicles registered * 7,444,032 7,764,367 7,969,576

* Vehicle registrations included an "unassigned category" for law enforcement's use and also included disability placards. Recent updates excluded these counts.

electric car icon
  FY21 FY22 FY23
electric vehicles (only) 40,964 58,219 80,613


MVD Customers, Transactions and Revenues

MVD customers and transactions
  FY21 FY22 FY23
Customers Served 2.6 million 2.8 million 2.8 million
Transactions 15 million 14.6 million 14 million
ADOT revenues
Total Revenue collected $1.73 billion $1.77 billion $1.83 billion
Online Transactions $861 million $810 million $785 million
Authorized Third Parties $598 million $677 million $728 million
ADOT field offices $190 million $210 million $216 million
other sources $84 million $73 million $99 million

Permitting, Inspections & Enforcement

Enforcement and Compliance Division (ECD) Function/Staffing Levels

commercial truck and license
  • ECD consists of Office of the Inspector General and Enforcement Services Bureau
  • 256 police officer detective and civilian positions statewide

Ports of Entry

commercial truck and license
  • Manages 14 ports of entry statewide

  • Ports of entry monitor all commercial traffic entering Arizona for registration, taxes, size and weight restrictions, commercial driver license requirements, insurance requirements, and equipment safety requirements, and issue permits as required.

K-9 Program

K9 program
  • ADOT-ECD manages a unit of three (3) K-9s to support operations and respond to requests from city and county agencies.
  • Officers are trained to interdict drugsmoney and human trafficking.
  • The program has interdicted one of the largest drug seizures in Mohave County (1,100 lbs).

Border Liaison Unit

icon image border unit
  • The Unit conducts workshops in Mexico and the United States
  • Partners with the motor carrier industry and provides workshops and instructional classes
  • Promotes and ensures the safe, efficient movement of people, goods and services through Arizona's southern international ports of entry while promoting compliance with all applicable state and federal laws and regulations

Road Projects, Preservation and Maintenance

Infrastructure enhancements: rehabilitation, expansion, modernization, preservation

ADOT revenues
  FY21 FY22 FY23
rehabilitation projects $239 million $260 million $402 million
expansion projects $231 million $1,053 million $621 million
modernization projects $129 million $79 million $79 million
preservation projects $20 million $17 million $50 million


Spending - trash pickup, emergency response, pothole repair

ADOT revenues
  FY21 FY22 FY23
trash pickup / year $7.8 million $7.3 million $7.65 million
emergency response / year $3.25 million $2.54 million $2.7 million
pothole repair / year $2.32 million $2.31 million $4.8 million

Maintenance - highways, bridges, plowing snow

ADOT Facts

9,415 (estimate) state highway center lane miles

Bridge maintenance

4,882 bridges


121 days plowing snow

Transportation infrastructure systems, services and safety

What is the volume of traffic in the Phoenix Metro area?

icon image cars
  • Currently about 10 Billion Vehicle Miles Traveled (per year)

Freeway water removal - what is our capacity?

icon image pool
  • With 72 pump stations around the Phoenix area freeway system, we can pump about 3.2 million gallons/minute.
  • An individual pump inside an ADOT pump station can remove more than 12,000 gallons per minute – the equivalent of emptying a 30,000 gallon swimming pool in less than 3 minutes.

How many traffic signs are there?

icon image traffic sign
  • 227,870 traffic signs statewide 

How many striping miles are there in the state?

ADOT Facts
  • 6,960 center lane miles maintained by ADOT
  • About 26,500 striping miles, requiring about 126,700 gallons of paint

How many Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) features do we have?

collage of traffic technology symbols
  • 28,045 lighting fixtures
  • 7,610 tunnel lighting fixtures
  • 9,413 lighting posts
  • 605 traffic signals
  • 526 closed-circuit television feeds
  • 371 load centers (Central District)
  • 304 digital message boards
  • 264 metered ramps

Transportation Planning and Programming

Vehicular Miles Traveled (VMT) by roadway

ADOT Facts
TOTAL daily VMT 208.6 million
Arterial roadways 84.8 million
Interstate highways 44.7 million
Other freeway and expressways 27.3 million
Local roadways 20.9 million
Collector roadways 30.9 million


Roadway types (managed by ADOT)

ADOT Facts
  • 74,863 TOTAL (centerline) miles
  • 54,769 miles of local roadway
  • 11,779 miles of collector roadway
  • 6,846 miles of other arterial roadway
  • 1,168 miles of interstate highway
  • 273 miles of other freeway and expressway

Five-Year Program Information Related to Roads (2022-2026)

ADOT revenues
  • Five-Year Program information related to roads (2021-2025):

  • $2.68 billion for pavement and bridge preservation
  • $669 million for highway system expansion
  • $859 million for highway modernization

Long-Range Transportation Plan information:

ADOT revenues

    • $231.4 billion highway capital needs to 2040 (estimated)
    • $69.1 billion revenues (estimated)
    • $162.3 billion funding gap (estimated)

    Airport funding grants provided to airports in Arizona

    ADOT revenues
    • $55.6 million total average annual program dollars
    • 67 airports served

    Public transit federal funding grants allocated to Arizona providers

    ADOT revenues
    • $15 million, 30 providers from rural public transit CARES funding during pandemic 
    • $18.1 million, 28 providers to serve rural public transit needs
    • $6.3 million, 43 providers to serve the elderly and persons with disabilities
    • $546,754, 19 providers for buses and bus facilities
    • $1 million, 4 providers for transit planning needs
    • $3.49 million, 12 providers for small urban area needs