ADOT Construction and Materials Manuals

ADOT Materials Testing Manual

The Materials Testing Manual has been prepared for the purpose of standardizing sampling and testing procedures in the various laboratories for conformance to Arizona Department of Transportation specifications.

ADOT Materials Practice and Procedure Directives (PPD) Manual

The Materials Practice and Procedure Directives Manual has been prepared for the purpose of establishing uniform practices regarding materials for construction projects.  In accordance with Stored Specification 106QCMAT, any reference to ADOT Materials Policy and Procedure Directives elsewhere in this manual shall be understood to mean ADOT Materials Practice and Procedure Directives.

ADOT Construction Manual

The Construction Manual is a manual of administration practices and inspection procedures. The ADOT Construction Manual is based on the Arizona Department of Transportation Standard Specifications for Road and Bridge Construction and is organized in the same manner. The manual is written primarily for the inspector, office personnel, project supervisor and resident engineer who need more insight into the intent and application of ADOT construction specifications. The Construction Manual should not be the first reference an inspector, project supervisor or resident engineer consults when a difficult issue arises at the project site. The Supplemental Agreements, Special Provisions, Project Plans, Standard Drawings and Standard Specifications should be used in conjunction with the Construction Manual.