Roadway Configuration: Three Lanes (with raised median)

Roadway Configuration: Three Lanes (with raised median)

Countermeasure recommendations differ based on the level of traffic and posted speed limit. Click on the link below that represents the Vehicle AADT and Posted Speed Limit at your location to see the countermeasures that address your safety issue.

For three lane configurations with raised median and 

Example of Three Lane Raised Median; Courtesy of FHWA
Photo courtesy of FHWA

AZ STEP Guide Decision Tree

Decision Tree is also available to assist you.


Average Annual Daily Traffic (AADT) Information

The Average Annual Daily Traffic (AADT) is the annualized average 24-hour volume of vehicles at a given point or section of highway. Also called referred to as a traffic count, it is normally calculated by determining the volume of vehicles during a given period and dividing that number by the number of days in that period.

The AZ STEP Decision Tree is based on an FHWA publication.

The AZ STEP Guide Decision Tree was based on the "Application of pedestrian crash countermeasures by roadway feature" created by Blackburn, L., Zegeer, C., Brookshire, K. (2018). Guide for Improving Pedestrian Safety at Uncontrolled Crossing Locations, Report No. FHWA-SA-17-072, U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration, Washington, DC.