The Arizona Mobile Driver License App

The Arizona Mobile Driver License is a safe, secure, and trustable solution for sharing your driver license that allows for touchless transactions, selective information release, and data protection

mDL is optional to use, and MVD will continue to issue physical, plastic credentials to Arizona residents. Arizonans should continue to carry their physical ID as awareness about mDL grows.

The Arizona Mobile ID app cannot currently be used at Transportation Security Administration screening locations. Updates coming soon.


How to Get an Arizona Mobile ID

Before starting, you must have the mID app downloaded and set permissions.

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Circle 1

Register Phone Number

Scan the front of your ID on Arizona Mobile ID

Circle 2

Scan Your ID

Scan your face

Circle 3

Take a Selfie

Verify ID

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Set Up App Security

Ready to Get Started?

Download the mID app on the App Store or Google Play to continue.

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Privacy & Security

Selecting Privacy Views

When you want to order a drink at a restaurant, the server doesn't need to know your birth date, weight, eye color or address. They only need to know you're of legal age. Privacy views allow you to share only relevant information.

  1. Tap the Arrow Next to "Full Information"
  2. Select a Privacy View
  3. Generate a Privacy Code