Suspension and Revocation

These are the reasons for receiving suspension and revocation notices:

  • Failure to submit a current Medical Examiner Certificate.
  • Failure to submit requested additional information, add restrictions or both.
  • Failure to meet medical standards, vision standards or both to operate a commercial motor vehicle.

You may call 602.771.2460 for more information.

If your CDL privilege is suspended, revoked or both for failure to submit your DOT Medical Examination Report, Medical Examiner Certificate or additional information, you may submit your information by fax to a CDL Office or by using our secure email system.

You have the right to request a hearing on these actions; however, such request will not stop the immediate suspension. Your request must be received within 15 days from the date of the notice. The request must be made in writing and may be made by any one of the following methods:

  • Online: Use our secure email response system, which encrypts your personal information.
  • Mail:
    Arizona Department of Transportation
    Executive Hearing Office
    P.O. Box 2100
    MD 507M
    Phoenix, AZ 85001
  • Fax: 602.241.1624
  • Personal Delivery: Go to the Executive Hearing Office at 3838 N. Central Ave., Suite 300, in Phoenix, or you can go to an  MVD office in the state.

The request must include your full name, date of birth, license number, mailing address, home and business phones, and case number. Upon receipt of your written request, a hearing may be scheduled, and you will be notified as to the date, time and location.

If your CDL is disqualified, suspended or revoked for one year or more, it is considered expired (invalid). You will be required to take all written and skills tests for a new CDL and to pay all applicable licensing and reinstatement fees.

It is against the law to operate any motor vehicle on the public roads of this state while your driving privilege is suspended. If such operation results in your arrest and conviction, the suspension will be extended for up to one additional year.