Restricted Driver Permits

Restricted driver permits may be issued only if the suspension was a result of a violation of insurance laws or DUI, and your record indicates no other withdrawal action.

Insurance Violations

You may apply for a restricted permit at any MVD office or Authorized Third Party Driver License provider. At the time of application, you will be required to file proof of future financial responsibility.

These restricted permits are issued for travel to and from work, on the job, and to and from school, and may be good for the entire suspension period.

DUI Violations

If you are eligible for a restricted permit you must visit an MVD office. However, a minimum of 30 days of the suspension period must be served before the restricted driving privilege begins.

This restricted permit is issued for travel to and from work, on the job, to and from school, and to and from a treatment center within Arizona.

If you requested a hearing with MVD and the suspension was upheld, you may obtain a restricted permit at any MVD office or Authorized Third Party Driver License provider after 30 days of your suspension have been served (if eligible).

Special Restricted License

In cases involving driver license suspension/revocation resulting from a DUI-related violation date on or after Feb. 1, 2006, you may be eligible for a special restricted driver license if you meet the following requirements:

  • Complete at least 90 days of the mandated suspension period. 
  • Contact us to verify eligibility.
  • No other outstanding withdrawal actions are pending on your driving record. 
  • Install an ignition interlock on your vehicle and provide us proof with a Verification of Installation form. 
  • Comply with mandatory alcohol treatment programs (if required) and submit proof of completion to us. 
  • Submit proof of future financial responsibility to us (e.g., certificate of automobile liability insurance known as an SR22). 
  • Pay all applicable fees.