MVD Forms Library

Vehicle Inspection Inventory Tracking

For an authorized Third Party to record vehicle inspection forms as they are received and issued.

Vehicle Inspection Request

For a customer to request a vehicle inspection.

Vehicle Inspection Request

A request for inspection from our tow yards, salvage yards, auto auctions.

Vehicle License Tax Tribal Exemption

To claim an exemption from vehicle license tax for an enrolled member of a tribe.

Vision Annual Evaluation Diabetes Waiver

This form must be submitted annually for individuals who need to renew a previously issued intrastate commercial driver license medical waiver for diabetes

Vision Evaluation Arizona Intrastate Diabetes Waiver

This Vision Evaluation form is part of the initial Diabetes Waiver Package

Vision Examination Report

For a physician to indicate how an observed medical condition regarding vision affects the person's ability to safely drive.

Witness List/Availability

For an agency to notify the Executive Hearing Office regarding hearing dates and witnesses.

Zero Tolerance Policy

Zero Tolerance Policy