MVD Forms Library

Certificate of Self-Insurance Application

To provide evidence of self-insurance to comply with financial responsibility requirements for registered vehicles.

Certification of Contract with Third Party Lender

Certification for dealers stating they have a contract with Third Party Lender(s)

Certification of Trust

Certification of Trust

Certified CDL Examiner Checklist

Checklist for Certified CDL Examiner

Certified Ignition Interlock Device (CIID) pamphlet

Certified Ignition Interlock Device (CIID) pamphlet

Certified Instructor Report

For authorized Traffic Survival Schools and Arizona Driver Education Schools to report to MVD the Certificate of Completion forms that were issued and voided.

Certified Instructor Report - Motorcycle

For authorized schools to report to MVD student course completions for Class D, Class G and motorcycle instruction.

Certified Trainer Report Motorcycle

Certified Trainer Report Motorcycle

Commercial Driver License Application (40-5122)

To apply for a Commercial Driver License or CDL instruction permit.

Commercial Driver License Manual

To provide information on federal and state requirements needed to qualify for a commercial driver license.

Commercial Driver License Manual - HazMat

Excerpt from the Commercial Driver License Manual, for drivers who require a hazardous material endorsement.

Commercial Driver License Manual - School Buses

Excerpt from the Commercial Driver License Manual, for drivers who require a school bus endorsement.

Commercial Driver License Offices

To provide MVD office locations and hours where commercial driver license (CDL) services are provided.

Commercial Permit Inquiry

For questions regarding commercial permits that have been requested or purchased.

Concentrated Inspection Requirements

To provide recyclers, dealers and towing companies with requirements for volume on-site vehicle inspections that ensure the safe and efficient procedures.

Consent To Release Motor Vehicle Record - One-Time

For a customer to give one-time permission for the one-time release of personal driver license and vehicle record information to a specific person or organization. (For a general release to anyone, for any purpose, see form # 96-0276.)

Court Abstract

For the courts to report violation and suspension/revocation information to MVD.

Customer Service Offices - Phoenix Metro Area

To provide customers with a map and listing of MVD office hours and locations in the metro Phoenix area.

Customer Service Offices - Tucson

To provide Title and Registration/Driver License office locations and hours for Tucson.

D.O.T. Medical Examination Report

Medical Examination Report (MER) Form (MCSA–5875)