Nonresident Registration

Nonresident owners whose aircraft are based in the state for more than 90 days in the calendar year must register the aircraft with the Motor Vehicle Division Aircraft Registration Unit. The 90 days is total time in the state and need not be consecutive. Nonresident aircraft based in the state for more than 90 days but fewer than 210 days are taxed at a reduced rate (see Aircraft Value and Tax Determination). Aircraft engaging in commercial activity in the state, regardless of owner residency, must be registered prior to such operations.

Determining Residency Status

State law requires that you obtain an Arizona aircraft registration within 60 days of aircraft entry if any of these qualities applies to a person who

  • works in Arizona (other than for seasonal agricultural work).
  • is registered to vote in Arizona.
  • has placed children in school without paying the tuition rate of a nonresident.
  • has a business that has an Arizona office that bases and operates vehicles in this state.
  • has obtained a state license or pay school tuition fees at the same rate as an Arizona resident.
  • has a business that operates vehicles to transport goods or passengers within Arizona.
  • has remained in Arizona for a total of seven months or more during any calendar year, regardless of your permanent residence.

Out-of-state students enrolled with seven or more semester hours are not considered Arizona residents, regardless of employment.

Active-duty military personnel based in Arizona who qualify for exemption under the Service Members Civil Relief Act of 2003 are not considered Arizona residents.