Application Process & Account Set Up

Motor Vehicle Dealer License Application Process & Account Set Up

New applicants and existing Dealers will be able to use the Dealer Community to submit new applications, and to make changes to existing licenses. Dealers can submit plate applications, change contact info, and various other functions thru this Community.

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Once a new application is submitted with all required documentation and photos, the Dealer Licensing Unit (DLU) will process the application and inform the applicant of the status. Applicants may also monitor the status of submitted applications in the Dealer Community.

Once the application is approved, a new customer account will be created for the Dealership in AZ MVD Now.

Notice: Paper applications are no longer accepted and will be returned. Please follow the steps outlined below to submit electronically.

Step 1: Create individual account in AZ MVD Now (with personal email. You will need a different email address for your business (dealer) account).

The only way to access the online dealer applications is through

Applicants will need to create an AZ MVD Now login for their individual customer account. In order to qualify for an AZ MVD Now account, MVD will need to have the following on file for the individual:

  • Customer Name (individual, not organization)
  • Physical Address
  • Date of Birth
  • Social Security Number

The email used for the Individual Customer Account should be your personal email address. When logging into the Dealer AZ MVD Now account, you will use your business (dealer) email address.

You CANNOT use the same email address for both logins!

Step 2: Access Dealer Community

Once the applicant has gained access to their personal account in AZ MVD Now, they will find the link to the Dealer Community where they can begin submitting a Dealer application.

A Dealer Community Help site was created. Visit: 
Dealer Community Help Site

Step 3: Required documents

Notice: Paper applications are no longer accepted and will be returned. Please follow the steps outlined below to submit electronically.

Email address for the dealer website MUST be different and can not be in use on any other MVD Record (Business or Individual).

The following forms must be attached to ALL applications:

Step 4: Obtain fingerprints and background information. There are 2 ways to submit this requirement:

Option 1: Submit online

Each applicant will need to register and pay for the service via the Arizona Applicant Processing Services.

Each applicant will need to provide this code: VDR-059.A to the Fingerprint Technician at the approved site at the time of fingerprinting.

The Applicant Registration User Guide will provide you with the step by step instructions.


Option 2: Submit by US mail

Select the service provider of your choosing and be sure to bring the Fingerprint Technician form with you to your appointment for the technician to complete.
Items to mail:

Mail all requested information to:

Dealer Licensing Unit
PO Box 2100, MD 552-M
Phoenix AZ 85001


Step 5: Pay the applicable invoiced fees via your account


Need additional information?

Dealer Licensing Community Help



For assistance through this process we have provided user guides:

New Dealers

Existing Dealers