Compliance Requirements (TNC)

Compliance Requirements by Type
icon - circle with checkmark Indicates Document Is Required TNC
1 Outside/Exterior Signage: The TNC shall be required to display trade dress to identify the TNC vehicle with a particular TNC while the vehicle is used to provide services. The TNC must file an illustration of the trade dress with the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT). icon - circle with checkmark
2 Inside/Interior Signage: Statute requires the TNC digital network or software application to display a picture of the TNC driver and the license plate number of the motor vehicle used for providing the service.  icon - circle with checkmark
3 Fee Calculation: The TNC shall disclose to passengers the fare calculation method on its website or within the digital network or software application. icon - circle with checkmark
4 Fees: A device license fee of $1,000 per 3 year permit. icon - circle with checkmark