Interlock Installers and IID/Provider Complaint Form

Interlock Installers and IID/Provider Complaint Form

An MVD-authorized company must install the interlock. Check the website or call the toll-free number for any company listed below for the availability of service in your area and associated costs. If you have an interlock requirement in multiple states please ensure that the manufacturer you choose can satisfy both states at the same time. This will help prevent you from obtaining an interlock more than once.

Once installed in your vehicle, the interlock device must be calibrated and inspected by a certified installer every 77-90 days. If the device detects any tampering, circumvention, or malfunction, you may be called back into the service center prior to your 77-90 day appointment.

Drivers who do not comply with interlock requirements are reported to MVD and may have the period of time for use extended. In some cases, their driving privilege may be canceled, suspended or revoked.

The law requires all newly installed, transferred or replaced devices to be equipped with a camera, GPS and realtime reporting capabilities (see ARS 28-1462 and A.A.C. R17-5-604. Effective July 1, 2018.)

Please Note: Have your interlock device installed first and then reinstate your driver license. Specific steps are required to establish a starting point for your required ignition interlock time frame. You can reinstate online or visit an MVD or Authorized Third Party office.

Reinstate your driver license online

Alcohol Detection Systems, Inc.
Phone: 855.450.0063
Device: DM-904 / DM-909 (Accepting New Customers)

Phone: 800.365.8512
Device: QT2 (Accepting New Customers)

#1A LifeSafer Inc.
Phone: 800.635.4410
Device: L250 (Accepting New Customers)

Phone: 844.478.7454
Device: 1001A (Accepting New Customers)

Smart Start
Phone: 800.916.6384
Device: SSI 20/20 / SSI 20/30 / SSI 20/35 / SSI FLEX 30/30 (Accepting New Customers)

Alcohol Analytics Systems/Budget IID
Phone: 480.535.3852
Device: AAS 2.0 (Accepting New Customers)

Phone: 888.937.9209
Device: LR (Accepting New Customers)

Low Cost Interlock, Inc.
Phone: 844.276.0556
Device: LCI-777 (Accepting New Customers)


If you have a complaint about the service you received or the device that was installed, please submit your complaint below.

How to submit a complaint:

Click "Submit Complaint" below. Provide all necessary contact information. 
In addition, please provide the following:

  • Copies of all documents related to your complaint
  • A detailed explanation of your complaint, including:
  • Dates
  • Others who are involved
  • What you've already tried to do to resolve the problem
  • A description of events in the order they occurred

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