Medical Review Request

Medical Review Request

If you have received a request for a medical review, it means we have received information regarding your ability to operate a motor vehicle safely. We receive information from law enforcement officers, medical professionals, insurance companies and concerned citizens.

You may also receive a request if you mark “yes” to the medical question on a driver license application or by calling and self-reporting a medical condition. In this case, the forms will indicate “self-reported.”

The reports must be completed by the type of medical professional listed on the form. We cannot make referrals.

If the requested information is not received within 45 days of the notice date, your driving privilege will be suspended and/or revoked until the information is received and reviewed.

Incomplete forms will delay the process. We will send a request for additional information if the form is incomplete or if the form does not address the reported condition.

Once we have received all the required information, we will mail to you a

  • driver license medical eligibility notice if you are eligible. You may be required to add restrictions, be informed of a future follow up and/or be notified of requirement of a vision, written and/or road test. Only the boxes marked on the notice apply to you.
  • summary suspension order and revocation order if you are not eligible.
  • driver license medical ineligibility notice and revocation order if you are already suspended or revoked and still not eligible after turning in new information.