Reporting an Unsafe Driver

Reporting an Unsafe Driver

If you have direct knowledge of a person’s medical status that would affect his or her ability to operate a motor vehicle safely, you may complete a Driver Condition / Behavior Report. Information received by the Medical Review Program is subject to disclosure in accordance with state and/or federal law. Once we receive the form, our only contact will be with the driver. We will not notify you of any outcome.

Law-Enforcement Reporting

We receive information from law enforcement regarding possible unsafe drivers. If a driver is stopped by law enforcement but is not issued a ticket, it does not mean the officer cannot request the driver to be reviewed by the Medical Review Program. A law enforcement officer may report a driver by completing the Re-Examination Request, which may also be used by MVD personnel.

Medical Professional Reporting

Even with the physician-patient, nurse-patient or psychologist-client confidentiality relationship, a physician, registered nurse practitioner or psychologist may voluntarily report a patient to MVD who has a medical or psychological condition that in his or her opinion could significantly impair the person’s ability to safely operate a motor vehicle.

The Medical Professional Reporting form must include the name, address and date of birth of the patient. The medical professional submitting the report in good faith is immune from civil or criminal liability for making the report.

Concerned-Citizen Reporting

A person with direct knowledge of a driver’s specific conduct or specific events indicating the driver may have a disqualifying medical condition may report this to us by completing a Driver Condition / Behavior Report.