Reporting Unlicensed Automobile Dealer Sales

Reporting Unlicensed Automobile Dealer Sales

Per Arizona Revised Statute 28-4301, a person can only sell, offer to sell, exchange, or negotiate up to six vehicles in any 12 consecutive months without a used motor vehicle license. The sale of the seventh vehicle qualifies them as an unlicensed automobile dealer subject to criminal prosecution.  The statute also applies to Wholesale Motor Vehicle Dealers that sell vehicles retail to the public. 

Typically, these unlicensed dealers will offer vehicles for sale on social media sites such as Facebook, Craigslist, eBay and Offer Up.  Unlicensed automobile dealers sometimes referred to as “curbers” or “curbstoning” sell vehicles on street corners or vacant lots. 

To file a complaint on an unauthorized automobile dealer, complete an Incident Complaint Form.  Include on the complaint form as much of the following information as available:

  • License Plates or Vehicle Identification Numbers (VINs) of the vehicles sold
  • A listing of the social media advertisements, if applicable
  • Any known offender information including, name, address, and phone number

Include with the Incident Complaint Form photos of the vehicles offered for sale and copies of the Social Media advertisements.