IFTA Reporting Requirements

IFTA Reporting Requirements

An IFTA licensee must file an IFTA Use Fuel Tax Report quarterly. This report details jurisdictional miles traveled and motor fuel purchased in each jurisdiction for a quarter.

To ease your IFTA quarter tax filing, please file your reports online. The online system will automatically calculate tax due to each jurisdiction entered. After signing onto the system, just click the Help tab for step-by-step instructions on how to file electronically and pay for and submit the IFTA report. If you owe any additional fuel taxes, you may pay online at the time you submit the report.

If you are not able to file online, you may complete the IFTA Use Fuel Tax Report and mail it to the Fuel Tax Reporting Unit with any required payment.

MVD is then responsible for the distribution of taxes to the appropriate member jurisdictions where you traveled, based on information received from your tax report.

NOTE: A quarterly filing is required even if you had no miles traveled for the quarter.

Quarters Report Due Date
January-March April 30
April-June July 31
July-September Oct. 31
October-December Jan. 31