Fingerprint Services

Fingerprint Services

Notice: Paper applications are no longer accepted and will be returned. Please follow the steps outlined below to submit electronically.

In accordance with Administrative Rules R17-7-301(A)(10), fingerprints are required to be submitted with each application for the services listed below, so that a state and federal criminal records check can be conducted. This process is coordinated through the Arizona Department of Public Safety.

Authorized Third Party Applicant Code: TRD-060.A

Licensed Dealer Applicant Code: VRD-059.A

Obtaining fingerprints and background information 

Submit Online 

  • First, complete the electronic fingerprint process by following these steps.
    *Note: there are two sites, DPS and Fieldprint, to complete the fingerprint process.
  • Second, complete the Person History/Authorization to Release Information.
    *Note: This is only required for owners who are at least 20% stakeholders. This will be uploaded and submitted during the dealer application process.