Nonresident Exemptions

Nonresident Exemptions

If applying for or renewing an exemption, the registration renewal must be made by mail or in person at an MVD or Authorized Third Party office

Active-duty military personnel or public health service (PHS) officers stationed in Arizona who are not Arizona residents are exempt from paying the vehicle license tax portion of the annual vehicle registration.

To register a vehicle, nonresident active-duty military personnel must

  1. provide either an affidavit for vehicle license tax exemption of nonresident service personnel issued and certified by the commanding officer or a military Leave and Earnings Statement (LES).
  2. meet all applicable vehicle emissions test requirements.
  3. pay a registration fee and if applicable, commercial registration and weight fees, motor carrier fees and/or any late registration penalty fees that may apply.

When the nonresident service member is assigned overseas and the spouse or dependent must remain in Arizona, the exemption still applies if the nonresident service person was on military assignment in Arizona at the time the overseas orders were issued.