Digital License Plate Program

Digital License Plate Program

Digital license plates are now available for registered vehicles in Arizona!

Digital plates may only be displayed on an ADOT-approved digital license plate display device. MVD will continue to assign the license plate number. These plate characters are constantly displayed on the device.

The plate is authorized by ADOT, but the display devices must be purchased through participating resellers or the plate manufacturer.

Authorized Digital License Plate Display Device Manufacturers:






Note: The manufacturer determines the plate’s cost and MVD does not receive any proceeds from sales.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is authorized to sell the digital license plate display devices in Arizona?

At this time, only the plate display manufacturer, Reviver, is authorized to sell the display devices.

How much do the plates cost?

The plate’s cost is determined by the manufacturer, and MVD does not receive any proceeds from sales.

Can I choose my own plate characters?

Yes, personalized and specialty plates can be ordered at Once approved by ADOT, the personalized or special plate can be displayed on the digital plate display device. 

In addition to the assigned characters what will display on my digital plates?

The company will be able to send specific, ADOT-approved messages to the display devices including notifications, such as “stolen” or “invalid.” The plate also displays a “plate detached” message when the display device has been removed from the vehicle.

Why doesn't my digital plate display have an expiration date? 

Digital plate displays do not display registration expiration. When the registration is expired, an 'invalid' banner will be displayed under the plate characters. ADOT has collaborated with law enforcement on the way digital plates are displayed, and law enforcement is aware that registration expiration dates are not displayed digitally. Refer to your registration for expiration date information.