Purchases from an Out-of-State Dealer

Purchases from an Out-of-State Dealer

If an Out of State dealer sells a vehicle to an Arizona resident, the dealer needs to submit the following documents for the Arizona title and registration:

  • A completed, signed Title and Registration Application (#96-0236) (include a copy of the customer's AZ Driver license/Identification)
  • An emissions compliance form if vehicle is 5 years or older and is kept in a non-attainment area  (Please verify with the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality) (Phoenix and Tucson areas only)
  • An out-of-state title or MCO (including dealer reassignment if applicable)
  • Purchase order or sales invoice for the vehicle  
  • A signed Power of Attorney (if applicable)
  • If leased vehicle, Lessor Authorization (#42-0207) from the lessor
  • Secure Odometer Disclosure (#96-1065) or Power of Attorney with Odometer Disclosure (#48-7104)
  • Signed and notarized Vehicle License Tax exemption form,  if applicable
  • Payment of all applicable title and registration fees
  • AZ State/ City Vehicle Use Tax

Please send all documents with check or money order payable to ADOT MVD

PO Box 2100
Phoenix AZ 85001

For overnight/express mail please send to

1655 W Jackson St
Phoenix, AZ 85007