Do I Need an Emissions Test?

The Arizona Department of Environmental Quality is responsible for the emissions testing program and laws. For more information, contact ADEQ at 877.692.9227 or visit

Emissions Test Results

Emissions test results are immediately sent electronically to MVD and you may renew your registration online

Early Registration Renewal

Early renewal is based on an emissions test requirement.

  • If an emissions test is not required, you may renew up to six months before the expiration.
  • If an emissions test is required, you may renew your registration up to 90 days before the expiration by showing your current registration at the test station.

You may also choose to have an emissions test due to warranty limitations on emissions components. For convenience and ease of future renewals, customers should perform required emissions testing at the time of registration so the cycles for each are similar.

Out-of-State Renewals

If you are temporarily out of state and require a vehicle emissions test, visit the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality websiteor call Phoenix at 602.771.3950 or Tucson at 520.628.5651.

Emissions Test Exemptions

Emissions Control Areas

If your registration renewal notice reads "No Emissions Test Required," it is based on your address on file and your vehicle year. However, an emissions test may still be required if your vehicle is used to commute into an Air Quality Control area (including greater metro Phoenix and Tucson).

Arizona Vehicle Emissions History

  • This free service is from the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality. 

If you have questions, contact the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality at 602.771.3950 or visit for general information and maps.

For additional information, please see our Vehicle Services FAQ.