Public Involvement Plan

Public Involvement Plan

ADOT welcomes and encourages robust public involvement that involves diverse groups of people statewide whose voices and viewpoints provide valuable insight during the decision-making process. ADOT is committed to integrating public involvement into project planning and development for all transportation projects. 

The ADOT Public Involvement Plan (PIP) serves as a central resource for ADOT’s public involvement practices and procedures to support transportation project planning, programming and delivery, as well as operations and maintenance activities. The PIP outlines the Department's public involvement guidelines to ensure compliance with federal and state laws and regulations.   

The ADOT PIP is intended for use by ADOT staff, consultants, Local Public Agencies and others involved in implementing ADOT studies and projects for ADOT’s Transportation Division.

ADOT completed a comprehensive update to the PIP in 2023. The PIP will be reviewed and updated annually as needed, based on new requirements and best practices. To ensure accuracy, please be sure to refer to the most-recent version. 

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