Highway Expansion and Extension Loan Program (HELP)

Highway Expansion and Extension Loan Program (HELP)

The HELP program was established by the Arizona Legislature in 1998 as a comprehensive loan and financial assistance program for eligible highway projects in Arizona. This program provides the state and communities with a financing mechanism to stretch limited transportation dollars and bridge the gap between needs and available revenues.

HELP is a State Infrastructure Bank (SIB), a funding mechanism authorized by Congress in the National Highway System Designation Act of 1995. SIBs operate much like banks, providing financial assistance in the form of loans or credit enhancement for eligible projects. As borrowers repay principal and interest on loans, the bank is replenished and monies can be reloaned so that the SIB becomes a self-sustaining mechanism to fund critical transportation projects. The minimum loan amount is $250,000 and loans must be repaid typically within five years. HELP does not provide grants.

HELP program staff review HELP applications and make recommendations to the State Transportation Board (STB) on loans and financial assistance requests. The STB has the final approval authority on all HELP loans.

The HELP program is currently inactive.

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