AMS Success Stories

AMS Success Stories

ADOT Continuous Improvement graphic

ADOT's Continuous Improvement / An AMS Success Story

The Arizona Department of Transportation is an Arizona Management System (AMS) agency. AMS is a professional, results-driven management system that has transformed the way ADOT does business. We focus on our customer – you. We make sure the work we perform everyday has value. We ask for feedback. We ensure that we have an engaged workforce to improve productivity, quality and service. It's called continuous improvement.

ADOT has many successful stories to tell in implementing the principles behind AMS. We have organized these stories into three sections: Money, Time and Safety. We encourage you to click on the tabs to read how ADOT has improved safety and saved taxpayer money and time.

Despite our successes, continuous improvement is a journey, not a destination -- we continue to work on finding ways to be more effective and efficient in our service to the people of Arizona. At ADOT, we are all about getting you "Safely Home."

You can watch the following vimeo videos, which showcase the successes ADOT employees have achieved through continuous improvement efforts.