Adopt a Highway: Safety and cleaner highways

Adopt a Highway: Safety and cleaner highways

By Mary Currie / ADOT Communications
June 6, 2023
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We’d like to challenge kids and parents alike to learn what National Secure Your Load Day is all about. This observation on June 6 calls attention to the dangers posed by unsecured vehicle loads and road debris.  

It’s frightening to drive next to a truck full of large items that aren’t held down tightly. That’s why we at ADOT recommend taking a few extra minutes to secure all items in truck beds, small or large. 

Small items blown from a vehicle become roadside litter that also can clog drainage grates. Large items can damage vehicles, injure drivers or passengers, or cause drivers to swerve dangerously.

Nobody wants to look at trashy highways or worry about hitting ladders in the roadway. 

Click here to find 11 items that need to be secured tightly to prevent driving hazards and worse. These are just some of the items ADOT workers and our Adopt a Highway volunteers have removed from state highways. You may be surprised.

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