ADOT program helps construction projects finish on time and on budget

ADOT program helps construction projects finish on time and on budget

August 30, 2016

Arizona Transportation Partnering Excellence Award Winners

By Caroline Carpenter / ADOT Communications

In business, competing interests and a lack of communication can spell disaster for partnerships. Twenty-five years ago, ADOT found that these kinds of problems were leading to costly litigation and delays involving construction projects. In response, ADOT adopted a process called partnering.

We shared today how ADOT's partnering program has helped deliver projects on time and on budget with far fewer conflicts that can lead to mediation, arbitration or litigation.

Partnering provides a structured way for everyone involved in the project, from local officials to contractors to consultants to ADOT engineers, to communicate and work through issues. The stakeholders develop a communication structure and create team goals and a process for resolving issues.

In 1991, before the partnering program began, ADOT faced 60 legal actions resolved through mediation, arbitration or litigation at a cost of $39.8 million. Today, almost no disagreements over projects give rise to legal action.

Each year, teams of contractors and other organizations that have utilized partnering to foster successful relationships are recognized at the Arizona Transportation Partnering Excellence Awards. See today's news release for a list of 2015 winners.

There is a common theme we hear when talking to organizations involved in this process: Projects are more successful when partnering is used.

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