Did you know you can toss your old license plate?

Did you know you can toss your old license plate?

November 5, 2018

License Plate

By Douglas Nick / ADOT Communications

There it sits, on a shelf; a memento of a bygone time and a relic of a kinder, gentler age.

It served you well, but its time has passed.

Forged in the belly of a, well… uh, prison, it now stares at you as if to ask, “What becomes of me now?”

It is, of course, the humble license plate that is no longer of any use to you.

It’s kicked the bucket, bit the dust, come to the end of the road. It has ceased to be. It is an ex-license plate. It’s expired.

Do you keep it? Perhaps, if it’s personalized or somehow considered collectible.

But what if it’s just a plain old plate with a bunch of letters and numbers that never meant anything to you, and now because it’s expired, they mean nothing to anybody?

Gather up your courage, stifle your emotions, and… let it go.

That’s right. Now is not the time for sentiment. You could put it in your will, but your heirs will only think you finally lost it in your old age and wonder what possessed you to bequeath such a thing.

Better to let the past go and hold on to the dear memories. And then toss it in the recycling bin.

No need to bring it back to an MVD office. We’ll take it of course, but we’ll just recycle it anyway. And much as we’d love to see you, wouldn’t you rather avoid waiting in line to do something you can do at home?

Of course, if that ol’ plate is illegible or mutilated, you need to take it off your car and bring it in to get a new one. But that doesn’t happen much, does it?

So, save your time and your gasoline and don’t worry about bringing that lovely but otherwise useless old plate into the MVD for disposal. We have enough new ones looking for a home.