Front license plates: A myth or a blast from the past?

Front license plates: A myth or a blast from the past?

By Luis Carlos Lopez / ADOT Communications
May 16, 2022

A while back, we shared this photograph on our social media platforms. This exact date of the photo is a mystery, but we're pretty certain this image is from the 1970s.

Typically, when we take a trip down memory lane, we see comments about the classic cars or how a particular landscape has become more urban over time.

In this photo, the star is the white Corvette with a (gasp!) front-facing license plate!

Looking even closer, most of the cars appear to have a front-facing plate.

We were asked: Did Arizona once require license plates on the front of vehicles? 

Yes! Bill Beckett, an MVD administrator with more than two decades of experience working with Arizona license plates, explained that a front license plate stopped being required in the 1990s. Today, Arizona is one of about 20 states that don't require a front license plate.

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