Making signs in ADOT's Sign Shop

Making signs in ADOT's Sign Shop

By Kathy Cline / ADOT Communications
August 14, 2023
Highway signs are stacked in rows on the ground, waiting to be delivered and installed.

Signs are everywhere on Arizona’s highways, providing information about speed limits, nearby locations, rest areas and more. But how and where are these signs made?

ADOT has a Sign Shop where signs big and small are produced. The shop can produce signs as large as 16 by 30 feet -- these are the big, green signs above highways. Signs are made of aluminum and many sign blanks arrive pre-cut in standard shapes and sizes. Others are screen-printed.

When a sign order comes in, it’s checked against required specifications for that particular sign and the design is entered into a special cutting machine. The sign is cut and excess film is trimmed. The sign film has transfer tape applied and is rolled onto a clean sign blank. Then the transfer tape is removed and the sign is finished!

Some signs have a special material rolled onto the blank and are hand-trimmed. These are signs that usually have a yellow reflective background.


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