Many methods used to prevent wildlife from entering roadway

Seeing a majestic elk in the wilderness: amazing. Seeing a majestic elk in the middle of the road: opposite of amazing.

Animal-vehicle collisions are a threat to driver safety that can cause vehicle damage, injury and even loss of life.

“The cool thing is, we can do something about it,” says ADOT’s Wildlife Connectivity Program Coordinator Norris Dodd. “We have a huge toolbox of options to be able to address these issues, everything from constructing underpasses … or overpasses, where animals actually cross above the highway to wildlife fencing and warning signage.”

You can see in the video above that ADOT is using different methods to prevent animals from getting into the roadway.

“We utilize all these different tools to find the most effective means to meet these objectives for highway safety and wildlife connectivity,” says Dodd.

For more information on ADOT’s efforts, check out our previous posts on the US 93 wildlife crossing and this video from last week highlighting the installation of a wildlife underpass on SR 86.