The results are in: Here’s how you rank transportation funding priorities



By Laura Douglas / ADOT Communications

You spoke, and we listened. When ADOT turned to the public last fall to tell us what’s most important over the next 25 years, nearly 6,000 people statewide responded through a quick and interactive online survey. Now we have the results of that survey to share with you.

First, a quick recap ...

The survey allowed participants to rank six transportation priorities: preservation, expansion, safety, technology, accessibility, and maintenance and operations. Participants worked with a budget and determined how much of it would go toward each priority. Then they decided on trade-off scenarios that further defined priorities.

And now the results, which show a mixed bag...

Safety, expansion, and maintenance and operations ranked highest, in that order. However, when it comes to allocating funds for those priorities, expansion, preservation, and maintenance and operations got the most dollars, with safety dropping to fourth.

Average Allocation of Funds

Average Allocation of Funds

Trade-off scenarios showed that participants prefer more roads (expansion), smooth roads (preservation) and connected roads (improved accessibility).

Much like real-world transportation planning, there are no right or wrong answers when it comes to ranking and funding priorities. All survey results will help develop a draft update to ADOT’s Long-Range Transportation Plan, which will be available for public review later this year.

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