September recap: Specialty Plate Spotlight

September recap: Specialty Plate Spotlight

By David Woodfill / ADOT Communications
September 29, 2023
Four Arizona speciality plates. From top left: Conserving Wildlife, Friends of Eight, Arizona State University and a State of Good Character

License plates can be more than a means of identifying a vehicle. Much like bumper stickers or the clothes we wear, specialty plates can an expression of our values and beliefs or a nod to our hobbies. 

In Arizona we have more than 90 specialty license plates featuring a wide range of causes or charities. To boost awareness, we spotlight one specialty license plate a week on social media.

Here are the plates that were featured in September:

  • A State of Good Character: $17 goes to a special fund for character education programs within the Arizona Department of Education. 
  • Arizona State University (ASU):   $17 dollars of the initial and annual renewal fee goes to the university for academic scholarships.
  • Arizona Sportsmen for Wildlife Conservation: $17 of the fee will fund wildlife habitat projects, outdoor recreational and educational opportunities.
  • Friend of Eight (Channel 8 PBS): $17 goes to Arizona Foundation of Public Broadcast Television, which provides noncommercial and nonsectarian educational television services.

Do you own one of these specialty plates? What are your reasons for purchasing the one you have? Join the conversation on social media by letting us know!

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