Sometimes it's good to be a follower, especially when it comes to Twitter

By Caroline Carpenter / ADOT Communications

Twitter followers inforgraphic

You've probably been told it's better to be a leader than a follower. In most cases we'd agree, but not when it comes to Twitter. This week we're celebrating our 200,000th follower by taking a closer look at our Twitter following.

We've long known that the secret to our success isn't the tweets we send out; it's the interaction with our followers. When a Department of Public Safety trooper or ADOT crew member can't be there, you're our eyes and ears on the road. You tell us what it's really like to be stuck in a backup or what the roads are like driving through a snowstorm.

Twitter Analytics has provided a synopsis of you, our followers. It's no surprise that the majority of you are from Arizona or that the breakdown of men and women is almost equal. More of you are married than not, and most of you are between the ages of 25-34. Seventy-six percent of you are interested in comedy. Could that mean you actually like the "dad jokes" and puns we tweet?

No matter your reasons for following, we appreciate it.

We'll catch up with you next time on Twitter! If you happen to not be a follower, you can find us @ArizonaDOT.