ADOT Blog marks milestone with third anniversary, 500th post

Blog created to connect with and inform the public about transportation

PHOENIX – Three years ago the ADOT Blog was started as a means to inform and explain transportation issues, terms and projects here in Arizona. Now with its 500th post, the blog continues to give the public a deeper look into what’s happening at the Arizona Department of Transportation.

The ADOT Blog has covered a multitude of topics over the years – all with the goal of engaging the public and providing them with an avenue to know not only what ADOT is doing, but why. Some popular posts include those that fall under a particular topic series such as “Transportation Defined” where the blog explains some of the items drivers see along the freeways during their regular commute.

Other topics include behind-the-scenes glimpses at certain transportation projects, and explanations of the science and elements that go into transportation infrastructure.

The goal of the blog has been to enhance public awareness and understanding of ADOT and transportation issues as well as create a more transparent and accountable agency. By giving the public a more in-depth look at what goes into transportation infrastructure and how ADOT’s divisions work together to improve the transportation system in Arizona, the blog can help create a more informed public when it comes to transportation issues.

Memorable blog posts from the past three years include blog posts and videos on the US 89 landslide, alternative fuel license plates and Arizona Centennial Day, where ADOT staff live-blogged from across the state showing a day in the life of ADOT.

ADOT won the Best Blog award in 2012 at TransComm, the annual meeting of the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials’ Subcommittee on Transportation Communications. The blog has also been mentioned in transportation industry blogs and publications such as Geosynthetics Magazine and Talking Transportation.

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