ADOT continues efforts to upgrade US 93 corridor

New widening project started north of Wickenburg, ongoing project north of Wikieup to be completed this year as well

PHOENIX — The Arizona Department of Transportation launched a new project this week to widen US 93, the primary travel route for Phoenix drivers headed to Las Vegas, and efforts continue on another ongoing widening project to further a decades-long commitment to convert the rural two-lane roadway to a modern, four-lane divided highway in northwest Arizona.

Just north of Wickenburg, ADOT started this week on the expansion of US 93 between State Route 71 and State Route 89 (mileposts 185-190). The $12.5 million project, reconstructing the highway into four lanes, is expected to be completed in 2016.

This project will be funded through the Federal Highway Administration’s Highway Safety Improvement Program.

Along this section of highway, ADOT previously installed a centerline rumble strip, which is a pattern of small cuts in the pavement, in an effort to alert drivers whose vehicles cross the centerline of the two-lane, two-way roadway. Signs were also added to remind drivers that US 93 has two-way traffic and ADOT made it a requirement that drivers use their headlights during daylight hours.

“Safety has been the drive force behind our series of projects to convert US 93 into a divided four-lane highway,” said ADOT State Engineer Dallas Hammit. “ADOT’s long-term goal is to have a modern, four-lane divided highway between Phoenix and Las Vegas and we’ll continue to get closer to that goal as funding becomes available.”

Approximately 80 miles north of the project near Wickenburg, ADOT is continuing work on widening the Antelope Wash segment of US 93 (mileposts 101-104), roughly 20 miles north of Wikieup.

The $20 million improvement project began last summer and crews are currently reconstructing the future northbound lanes of US 93, which are adjacent to the existing US 93 alignment. The widening project, which is nearly 70 percent completed, is slated to be finished this summer.

ADOT urges drivers to proceed through the work zones with caution, slow down, and be alert for construction equipment and personnel.

Since 1998, ADOT has invested approximately $350 million in projects to upgrade the US 93 corridor, which stretches from Kingman to the Nevada state line and Wickenburg to Interstate 40 (a 23-mile segment of I-40 east of Kingman connects the north and south sections of US 93).

Currently, all but 49 miles of the 200-mile drive (more than 75 percent) from Wickenburg to the Nevada state line has been upgraded to a four-lane divided highway in an effort to improve traffic flow, support the movement of freight and enhance safety through this heavily-traveled area. The entire northern segment of US 93 from Kingman to the Nevada state line (mileposts 1-68) is now a four-lane divided highway following the completion of a $71 million project in 2010.

When the SR 71 to SR 89 and Antelope Wash sections are completed, ADOT will have widened an additional eight miles of the 109-mile stretch of US 93 from Wickenburg to I-40.

Ultimately, US 93 could become part of the proposed Interstate 11 corridor that, once fully constructed, would connect Nogales and Las Vegas, extending north through Nevada, potentially reaching as far as Canada.

Last October, ADOT and the Nevada Department of Transportation completed the I-11 and Intermountain West Corridor Concept Report, the final element in the initial two-year feasibility study, this document can be found at

“US 93 has been designated as a potential alignment for the proposed Interstate 11 corridor,” said ADOT Director John Halikowski. “With the continued growth in the southwest, it’s essential that we have the transportation infrastructure in place to accommodate the efficient movement of goods and motorists in Arizona, and to support the movement of freight beyond our borders.”