ADOT, incident responders recognize National Move Over Day on Saturday, Oct. 15

Every day is a good day to give first responders space to do their jobs

PHOENIX – It’s time to remember to “Move Over,” Arizona, and look out for incident responders assisting motorists in need.

The Arizona Department of Transportation is partnering with incident responders statewide to increase awareness about Arizona’s “Move Over” law in recognition of National Move Over Day on Saturday, Oct. 15. The Arizona Professional Towing and Recovery Association has organized a number of events for Move Over Day, including a parade of tow trucks and other incident response vehicles.

ADOT will also place “Move Over” messages on overhead message boards.

Arizona’s “Move Over” law requires motorists to move over one lane - or slow down if it isn’t safe to change lanes - when driving by any vehicle with flashing lights pulled to the side of a road or highway. This applies to any vehicle including tow trucks, ambulances, fire trucks, police cars and maintenance vehicles, like ADOT’s Incident Response Unit trucks.

The law was amended in 2021 to increase the fine amount for the first and subsequent violations.

“There’s enough risk as is helping someone on the side of the road,” said David Blue, ADOT Traffic Incident Management/Incident Response Unit Manager. “While National Move Over Day comes once a year, every day is a good day to ‘Move Over’ and give us space to perform the service requested or required, so everyone can get home to their families that night.” 

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