Drive a big truck in the military? There may be a simpler path to a commercial driver license

Some vets eligible for skills test waiver

PHOENIX - Veterans of the U.S. military who operated large vehicles as part of their service may qualify for an Arizona Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Division military skills test waiver when applying for a commercial driver license.

Enforcement and Compliance officer inspecting commercial truck“The waiver is something that deserves more attention because it gives veterans who’ve honorably served this country more opportunities to use those skills once they return to civilian life,” said MVD Field Operations Administrator Mike Cryderman.

He added, “There’s a real need in this country for proficient commercial drivers, and the MVD is committed to assisting veterans with this kind of experience to appropriately get the credentials they need.”

The military skills test waiver applies to veterans who operated a military vehicle equivalent to a commercial vehicle within the last year.  The waiver requires the applicant to describe what kind of vehicle he or she operated, such as fifth wheel, truck tractor/semi-trailer, truck trailer combination, or single vehicles that meet certain commercial weight specifications. It also requires the applicant to obtain a commanding officer’s certification that the applicant has commercial driving experience in the military.

Tony Bradley, President and CEO for the Arizona Trucking Association said, “The simple fact is that veterans make great employees and we should encourage every veteran with experience driving heavy equipment to take advantage of the military skills test waiver. By utilizing the skills test waiver these veterans can get credit for the skills they learned in the military and start earning money as a commercial truck driver or heavy equipment operator.”

Potential applicants can find the waiver form (Form 96-0680) at