Effort starting on I-19 will remove some roadside trees for safety of motorists

ADOT project creating recovery zone for vehicles that run off pavement

NOGALES – An Arizona Department of Transportation safety project to remove some roadside trees along Interstate 19 will begin next week.

The project will create recovery zones to help drivers regain control of their vehicles if they’ve left the pavement.

The work will begin Monday, Dec. 19, along Interstate 19 in the Nogales area and move north from there.

The project will remove trees within 30 feet of the highways, but other vegetation will remain in place, as will trees and other plants beyond the 30-foot zone.

On I-19, the average width of the median is 80 feet, which means some trees will remain in the center of the median. Trees that are removed will be mulched and used as a ground cover. Mulch will be no more than 2 inches deep and cannot cover perennial vegetation or fill waterways. Any additional mulch will be hauled to a different site.

Work on I-19 is expected to be completed by March. Future locations for removing roadside trees will include State Route 87 near Payson. Additional locations will be selected later.