Need that road test to get a license? Make appointment online

Convenient method sets time, removes guesswork

Road Test Station at MVD OfficePHOENIX – Taking a road test to get a driver license can be filled with worry for some people. But one thing that won’t cause anxiety is scheduling the test because it’s among the many online service features available from Arizona Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Division.

Online scheduling for road test appointments has been available for some time, and it’s proven to benefit customers in several ways.

“Online appointments take the guesswork out of when you can take a road test,” said MVD Stakeholder Relations Manager Jennifer Bowser-Richards. “Customers simply go to to make their appointment knowing that when they arrive at an MVD location, they will be assured of getting the test done. There’s no more going to an office and hoping that an appointment is available. It saves our customers from taking needless trips and keeps wait times shorter so we can get Arizonans out of line and safely on the road.”

Screenshot of the ServiceArizona WebpageThis innovation began in 2016 and results from implementation of the Arizona Management System championed by Governor Doug Ducey. MVD employees are encouraged every day to find ways to improve customer service, and changes like this have helped lower the average door-to-door time to less than 30 minutes at urban offices.

To make an online road test appointment click on the “MVD Office Appointments” tab at