You can now print duplicate temporary driver licenses or IDs at home

MVD office visits are no longer needed for this transaction

PHOENIX – The Arizona Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Division has added another transaction to the growing list of things drivers can do at home to avoid lines at MVD offices.

Customers applying for a duplicate driver license or ID card can now print their temporary credentials at home using plain paper. MVD has eliminated the requirement that those credentials be printed on special blue-tinted stock used only at MVD locations.

“There was a misconception that the paper used by MVD to print temporary credentials added a level of security, but that wasn’t the case,” Motor Vehicle Division Director Eric Jorgensen said. “Making this change means people can do this from the comfort of their home on and MVD staff have more time to serve people who need to visit an office. It’s one more way that MVD is getting customers out of line and safely on the road.”

A temporary credential, a receipt showing that the customer has applied for a duplicate driver license or ID, is used until the customer receives the permanent credential through the mail.

Processing duplicate or replacement credentials is the second most common transaction in MVD offices. Lowering the number of transactions that must be done in person helps the division reduce office waiting times and serve customers more efficiently.

The change doesn’t entirely eliminate the use of the blue-tinted MVD credential form, which will still be required for commercial driver license and permit applications. Customers obtaining their first driver license or ID or who need a photo update will also need to come to an MVD location.