Attention Aircraft Owners: 

As a result of legislation approved this year, there will be changes to the aircraft registration system in the coming months. 

Effective before the 2023 registration cycle: 

  • Balloon owners will no longer be required to pay registration fees.
  • Decals will no longer be required on aircraft.
  • A change in the assessment formula may result in registration credits for some aircraft to be applied to the 2023 registration cycle.

Effective during the 2023 registration cycle: 

  • There will be upgrades to the AZ MVD Now portal to include aircraft and make it easier to manage aircraft licensing for both aircraft owners and the State of Arizona. 
  • Staggered registration: Instead of all registrations due in February, deadlines will be spread throughout the year. Details are to be determined.
    • Note: Owners of two or more aircraft can establish a fleet and pay all their registrations at the same time. 

What you can do to prepare for these changes: 

We will be updating you as things change.