ADOT (literally) pulling out the stops to support trucking during pandemic

ADOT (literally) pulling out the stops to support trucking during pandemic

By Ryan Harding / ADOT Communications
April 8, 2020

I-17 Christensen Rest Area_040320As a writer, I cringe when words are misused, especially “literally.” However, this time that word is used correctly when I say that ADOT has literally pulled out the stops to support commercial vehicles and drivers during the current public health situation. We’ve actually pulled out two stops, or rest areas, to be precise.

On April 3, ADOT reopened the long-shuttered Christensen and Parks rest areas along I-17 and I-40 respectively in northern Arizona to provide more truck parking for those hauling critical goods and supplies to communities.

ADOT crews worked to get the parking lots back in shape and bring in portable toilets and handwashing stations for truckers to use. Take a look at slideshows at right (Christensen) and below (Parks) of crews working to ready more places for truckers to stop and rest.

In fact, all of ADOT’s rest areas remain open with elevated sanitary protocols. ADOT has worked with the contractor responsible for rest areas to make sure each facility is adequately supplied for staff to conduct more frequent cleanings and to regularly disinfect frequently touched surfaces such as doors and handles, sinks and faucets.

Temporarily reopening two rest areas isn’t the only thing ADOT has done to support trucking. Recently, Governor Ducey and ADOT took action to help needed supplies get where they need to go by temporarily raising weight limits to 90,000 pounds.

That means commercial vehicles hauling supplies to support coronavirus relief efforts can carry larger loads – up to 90,000 pounds – without the need for an overweight permit. Normally, trucks with a gross weight of more than 80,000 pounds need a permit.

The new guidelines align with federal guidance and will help ensure Arizona’s groceries, pharmacies and medical providers remain fully supplied.

ADOT will continue to look for ways to support coronavirus relief efforts and the trucking industry that has become a vital part of those efforts.

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