Amid all this Twitter celebration, a nod to ADOT Facebook

Amid all this Twitter celebration, a nod to ADOT Facebook

October 9, 2017

By Steve Elliott / ADOT Communications

As you can probably tell by this week's ADOT Blog blitz about our Twitter account, we're all quite excited about @ArizonaDOT surpassing 200,000 followers, far more than any other state agency in Arizona.

While we tweet and tweet and tweet in celebration, we also hope you like – and "like" – ADOT's Facebook page, Our Facebook likes have grown by leaps and bounds over the past year-plus to more than 50,000, and there's a reason for that: We're sharing more content, more images, more video, more posts to inform you not just about traffic conditions but all things ADOT.

If it's snowing in the high country and you'd do well to let our plows do their work before venturing north, we'll often share media from the scene, such as the picture above as well as the video below by Mark Trennepohl, ADOT's winter operations manager, who narrates as he documents conditions and the efforts of our plow drivers.

If State Route 88 is closed due to a boulder on the road, our Facebook page may show you that boulder with a dash of ADOT humor.

And you'll find Facebook-only features, such as Where in AZ on Sundays.


Our Facebook page is a perfect complement to ADOT's Twitter presence, allowing you to spend a little more time with posts and interact with others. If you don't already "like" us, please do. ADOT Facebook is well worth your time.


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