Broadband project connects Arizonans

Broadband project connects Arizonans

By Doug Nick / ADOT Communications
February 4, 2022

Here at the ol’ ADOT Ranch we talk a whole lot about highways and freeways, and why not? It’s a major part of what we do. (Huge, if unrelated, shout out to our great MVD, by the way). And the title of this blog reflects our commitment to making those transportation connections possible.

There’s another connection that is just as vital and ADOT is playing a big part in that. 

If you’re reading this, chances are pretty good that you have access to broadband internet service. For the uninitiated, broadband is essentially the highest standard for internet service, with lighting-fast download and upload speeds. But there are still a lot of people in Arizona who have little choice but to endure long waits with slow internet service. There are still many people, in rural and tribal communities that have no internet capability at all. 

That’s not right, and Governor Ducey, the Arizona Commerce Authority and ADOT are partnering to bring broadband to much more of Arizona. 

ADOT’s part is to install conduit on about 200 miles of right-of-way next to several Arizona interstate highways. From there, Internet Service Providers can develop access to thousands of homes in underserved portions of our state.

Connecting people on everything from 12-lane urban freeways to humble two-lane highways surrounded by open spaces is part of our daily work. Connecting people through technology is a little new for us, but no less important. 

ADOT Fiber Installation Project from ADOT Vimeo-External on Vimeo.