Celebrating women in transportation and at ADOT

Celebrating women in transportation and at ADOT

By Angela DeWelles / ADOT Communications
March 1, 2021

Did you know that March is Women’s History Month? Because women have made so many major contributions to the transportation field, we asked several women at ADOT to share the reasons why they entered into a transportation career.





"I have been passionate about engineering ever since I can remember. Transportation engineering includes planning, design, construction, maintenance and operation of facilities that improve people’s lives every day. Being a part of this industry gives opportunities to be involved in the cutting-edge technologies that keep evolving. I am proud to be a part of the industry, especially ADOT. And I am proud to be working with those who share the same passion."

Tazeen A. Dewan, project manager, Multimodal Planning Division








"I initially 'fell into' the transportation sector as an environmental consultant, consulting for ADOT and railroads. The nature of the work and the opportunity to serve the public as part of something so integral to their daily lives are what have motivated me to work at ADOT."

Julia Manfredi, manager, Environmental Programs










"When I applied to ADOT 19 years ago, I did not think of it as trying to get a job in transportation. I saw it as another opportunity to be of service, only this time it would be for the citizens of Arizona. My passion is helping others and I knew that I could impact ADOT in a positive way and it would also give me the opportunity for career growth. ADOT has a great reputation as being family friendly, which also factored into my seeking a career with the agency."

Sonya Herrera, director, Administrative Services Division









"I credit my career in transportation to my college internship with the regional planning organization, where I conducted transportation modeling and forecasts. I couldn’t believe there was a career path where I could play SimCity all day! I’ve since enjoyed planning and designing roadway improvements throughout Arizona."

Susan E. Anderson, systems technology group manager, Transportation Systems Management and Operations Division








"Having spent years practicing law in the private sector, I had a desire to take the next step to become a judge. I was fortunate enough to be hired with the Executive Hearing Office in 2017, which has opened me up to the world of transportation. I enjoy dealing with the many interesting laws and regulations and working with a wide array of divisions and agencies."

Allyssa B. Reid, associate presiding judge, Executive Hearing Office